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When someone arrives to swfchan from somewhere through a link it is recorded in a database and presented here. It's not 100% accurate since it doesn't record on all landing URLs (for example if someone arrives to an image it isn't recorded) and JavaScript has to be turned on in the user's browser. Plus they have to have followed a clickable link, copying a URL to swfchan and pasting it into their browser address bar bypasses this. Not to mention all traffic arriving from a HTTPS site to HTTP swfchan will not include a referrer. Also some browsers/users have their referrers turned off or masked. But this is still a somewhat accurate way to see from where visitors are arriving to swfchan at the moment.

You can see referring hits from four different time ranges, usually a shorter time range is more interesting since it has more recent hits where there could be active discussions. The shorter time ranges also loads faster since there's less data. But it could be interesting to compare shorter and longer time ranges too see how ceretain referring URLs rise and decline in rank as they are used by people and then become old news some time later.

Most referrers come from the three biggest search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. These aren't included in the 5 day and 20 day time ranges because they just add too many bytes overlay. They can be viewed for the past 1 hour and 24 hours however if you want to check out some of the things that people search for to get to swfchan.

All of these pages are updated once every 15 minutes.Last updated 08:46

1 hour
8,6 KiB
24 hours
37,1 KiB
5 days
157 KiB
20 days
432 KiB
1 hour (full)
17,9 KiB
24 hours (full)
137,5 KiB

JavaScript is used to present the data, this in order to make the pages download to you much faster. You can view the raw data when JS is disabled but it's not that easy to read.

A "hit" is one received referrer on swfchan (it doesn't equal a unique visit). The same IP can create several hits from the same referrer, however the landing page must be different. If six hours passes a IP can create another hit from the same referrer/landing combination.

The "age" is how many days ago the domain or referring URL was seen for the first time. A domain with a high age has been linking to swfchan for a long time. Age is not kept track of for landing pages. If a referring URL is not seen for 100 days it is considered a one time occurance and is proned from the database. If a proned referrer should ever appear again its age will be reset to 0. Domains are never proned.

Click on a purple link to view the actual URLs. The numbers in front of the referring URLs are how many hits that has been received from that particular URL. The numbers in front of the landing URLs are how many hits that has been received from that particular referrer/landing combination (not how many hits that landing has in total across all referring domains, that is not being kept track of).

Only HTTP or HTTPS referrers are recorded. The landing must be on a swfchan domain and the referrer must not be (this means that for example all of those that view swfchan through a web proxy service will not be recorded).
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