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Bells in fog.swf (112 KiB) 18oct2017
Visuals: "Bells in fog" by Uncle Azane
Audio: Uncle Azane -- Motive No. 1

Radiation.swf (2.51 MiB) 17oct2017
Visuals: "Radiation" by Uncle Azane
Audio: tradetheworld -- Fukushima Song

Nuke glitch.swf (5.54 MiB) 17oct2017
Visuals: "Nuke glitch" by Uncle Azane
Audio: Ravaged -- Nuclear Fallout Wonderland

ANTIFACISTA.swf (2.7 MiB) 8oct2017
Audio: ZSK - Antifascista

onesixty.swf (3.18 MiB) 1oct2017
Visuals: some anime
Audio: Nawtacop

Alerta Alerta.swf (10.14 MiB) 27sep2017
Visuals: Google
Audio: ZSK - Antifascista

days_past.swf (2.01 MiB) 9sep2017
Visuals: Everlasting Summer
Audio: Digital Devil Saga - Sahasrara

1/ph.swf (2.79 MiB) 9sep2017
Visuals: oreimo
Audio: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Sahasrara

ph.swf (6.63 MiB) 9sep2017
Visuals: -
Audio: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Sahasrara

Hydration.swf (1.12 MiB) 1jul2017
Visuals: 1041uuu
Audio: EifiE - Hydration [Bump]

A Silent Voice.swf (5 MiB) 28jun2017
Visuals: A Silent Voice movie
Audio: potsu - im closing my eyes

I'm closing my eyes.swf (9.5 MiB) 22jun2017
Visuals: A Silent Voice
Audio: potsu - im closing my eyes

Feel the Rush Tonight.swf (7.83 MiB) 21apr2017
Audio: Lazerhawk - Feel the Rush Tonight (feat. GUNSHIP)

confinement.swf (2.58 MiB) 18apr2017
Visuals: Internet
Audio: what do you want(by HUB)

Woomyquest.swf (2.33 MiB) 28mar2017
Visuals: Splatoon - SrPelo
Audio: I'm So Fresh, You Can Suck My Nuts SWAG - Soujaboy

Into The Light.swf (4.58 MiB) 26mar2017
Visuals: braixenskirt on tumblr
Audio: Into The Light - OneShot

OneShot.swf (1.73 MiB) 23mar2017
Visuals: OneShot [Gif] - By Amichiinyan
Audio: Self Contained Universe Reprise - Oneshot

I could dance like that... If I felt like it.swf (3.88 MiB) 16mar2017
Visuals: Kung Pow! Enter the Fist
Audio: Black Betty

Zettai.swf (9.39 MiB) 1feb2017
Visuals: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Audio: Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku

Splatoo n - Marie's Secret  Dance (Alternate Mix).swf (1.99 MiB) 20jan2017
Visuals: Splatoon - Squidventure Part 2
Audio: SilvaGunner - Redial (Alternate Mix) - Bomberman Hero

Splatoon - Marie's Secret Dance.swf (2 MiB) 20jan2017
Visuals: Splatoon - Squidventure Part 2
Audio: Bomberman Hero OST - Redial

Sad_Machine.swf (6.79 MiB) 29nov2016
Visuals: Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Lyrics Video)
Audio: Porter Robinson - Sad Machine

boogieman.swf (5.61 MiB) 24nov2016
Visuals: I think it's from Imgur
Audio: Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

Pacific Town.swf (2.7 MiB) 20nov2016
Visuals: kriostazis
Audio: happy30 - Pacific Town

Pull_Boats_For_Little_Doge.swf (3.04 MiB) 18nov2016
Visuals: Smart_dog_rescues_dogs_in_canoe-Youtube
Audio: Anonymous-"Pulling Boats For Little Sister"

kuu ja kaljaa.swf (5.97 MiB) 15nov2016
Visuals: Suika Ibuki - Artist: chobi (sakuyasakuhana)
Audio: Hachimitsu-Lemon - Broken Moon

Naughty Dana-HTC.swf (2.18 MiB) 9nov2016
Visuals: Floazian-deviantart
Audio: Kimagure orange road - ending 1

ecm4quickflashloop.swf (11.86 MiB) 25oct2016
Visuals: E.C.M 4 (2014)
Audio: quaker

Now and Forever.swf (2.83 MiB) 25oct2016
Visuals: Ur Quan Kzer-Za - Star Control II
Audio: Precursors (E. Gätzschmann & T.A. Fjellstad) - Ur-Quan - Now and Forever

The Demon Gomedubon.swf (1.16 MiB) 18oct2016
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Gomedubon

KOR-Naughty Dana-(HTC Project).swf (2.18 MiB) 17oct2016
Visuals: Wippo/Floazian-Deviantart
Audio: Kimagure orange road - ending 1

cosmic giggle.swf (2.75 MiB) 28sep2016
Visuals: the psychedelic version of terrence mckenna's last public speech
Audio: Ecstation Quotation

Saffron.swf (1.72 MiB) 24sep2016
Visuals: Popgoes (Reddit) [recolour]
Audio: (Matlock) Dick De Benedictis - The Matlock Theme song

Sara.swf (1.61 MiB) 24sep2016
Visuals: Popgoes (Reddit)
Audio: (Matlock) Dick De Benedictis - The Matlock Theme song

POV watterson.swf (2.28 MiB) 15sep2016
Visuals: jaimeprecoz (original)
Audio: Tsutchie - Sneak Chamber

A cat is fine too.swf (2.62 MiB) 15sep2016
Visuals: pokehidden
Audio: Agemixer - Oldies 2- - long

GhostAnimated.swf (7.84 MiB) 14sep2016
Visuals: 33166 (artist: Ghost)
Audio: Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics

Old Soldiers Never Die.swf (2.56 MiB) 28aug2016
Visuals: einlee on deviantart
Audio: Boku no Hero Academia OST - You Can Be a Hero

Wander Over Yonder - Dominator's Wiggle.swf (4.86 MiB) 28aug2016
Visuals: Wander Over Yonder - S2 EP27 My Fair Hatey
Audio: "Music To Watch Girls By" Original Version

Wander Ov er Yonder - Hater and Wander Rocking  Out.swf (1.27 MiB) 27aug2016
Visuals: Wander Over Yonder - S2 EP20 The Showstopper
Audio: Wander Over Yonder - S2 EP20 The Showstopper - Lord Haters Theme

Wander Over Yonder - Wander Rocking Out.swf (1.19 MiB) 27aug2016
Visuals: Wander Over Yonder - S2 EP20 The Showstopper
Audio: Wander Over Yonder - S2 EP20 The Showstopper - Lord Hater's Theme

1/testloop.swf (922.1 KiB) 25aug2016
Visuals: Yuuka Kazami by Matsukichi
Audio: FELT - Day after [Eris's La pousse mix]

Bobby Butthole for Mayor of S4S.swf (2.2 MiB) 19aug2016
Visuals: internet
Audio: Myself - Colors

Makotot_Sunset.swf (4.77 MiB) 17aug2016
Visuals: The Girl Who Lept Through Time Wallpaper by A-S-O Sora
Audio: Nia Kitana-Prayer At Sunset

Crappy Test Flash.swf (3.55 MiB) 9aug2016
Visuals: Mass Effect, Rugrats
Audio: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

klovnikappale.swf (5.99 MiB) 1aug2016
Visuals: Clownpiece - Artist: tis (shan0x0shan)
Audio: EastNewSound - Noice Canceller

hecatimonic.swf (4.61 MiB) 31jul2016
Visuals: Hecatia Lapislazuli - Artist: miata8674
Audio: Rin Ginsuke - Lunatic set 14 Pandemonic Planet

fuura.swf (7.41 MiB) 29jul2016
Visuals: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Audio: Bonobo - Antenna

POPGONE speedfixed.swf (784.4 KiB) 17jul2016
Visuals: popgone.swf
Audio: DJ Sharpnel - 20031023.wav

Cindy x Candy.swf (746.8 KiB) 17jul2016
Visuals: None (Drawn)
Audio: Rammstein - Du riechst so gut

popgone.swf (834.3 KiB) 14jul2016
Visuals: N/A
Audio: DJ Sharpnel - 20031023

Cindy x Old Candy (FNAC).swf (3.03 MiB) 9jul2016
Visuals: Original
Audio: Seether - Your Bore

avril.swf (1.66 MiB) 29may2016
Visuals: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series)
Audio: Kap Bambino - Human Piles

raparperitaivas.swf (6.11 MiB) 22may2016
Visuals: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Audio: Leevi and the Leavings - Raparperitaivas

bpr3.swf (5.02 MiB) 19may2016
Visuals: bouncypetunia2.swf
Audio: Hinoi Team - Ike Ike

boreal.swf (2.22 MiB) 8may2016
Visuals: Tsukimonogatari
Audio: Hundred Waters - Boreal (Blood Diamonds Remix)

tsuk.swf (2.95 MiB) 5may2016
Visuals: Tsukimonogatari 02
Audio: Fila Brazillia - Place de la concorde

mentos.swf (2.96 MiB) 4may2016
Visuals: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Audio: Mentos The Freshmaker Full Song

appel.swf (83 KiB) 1may2016
Visuals: /f/
Audio: rednblue

Garfield and Molly crowdsource edit.swf (3.03 MiB) 29apr2016
Visuals: Garfield+and+Molly.swf
Audio: enoe - Discount Funk Bass Riff _D_G_F_85 -01

bouncypetunia2crowdedit.swf (2.55 MiB) 29apr2016
Visuals: Bouncy_Petunia_2.swf
Audio: enoe - Discount Funk Bass Riff _D_G_F_85 -01

Full_Circle.swf (5.64 MiB) 28apr2016
Visuals: Stein's;Gate
Audio: Full_Circle_Bonobo_(Remix) - George Fitzgerald

devotion.swf (1.74 MiB) 27apr2016
Visuals: Kill la Kill
Audio: Uppermost - Devotion

bad_choices.swf (361 KiB) 25apr2016
Visuals: dboy
Audio: Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices

pellepala.swf (934 KiB) 22apr2016
Visuals: Clownpiece, Artist: shone
Audio: Rin Ginsuke - Lunatic set 10 ~ Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner

bambu.swf (6.72 MiB) 21apr2016
Visuals: amino (tn7135)
Audio: BUTAOTOME - Utakata

spacebass.swf (2.41 MiB) 19apr2016
Visuals: original
Audio: Rin Ginsuke - Lunatic set 13 ~ A World of Nightmares Never Seen Before

Kaguya doesn't give a shit.swf (2.19 MiB) 18apr2016
Visuals: A KamS Touhou video (I think)

seiranloop.swf (2.49 MiB) 10apr2016
Visuals: Seiran (Touhou)
Audio: The Rabbit Has Landed (Frozen Starfall Remix)

burning feeling.swf (3.68 MiB) 8apr2016
Visuals: Fujiwara No Mokou
Audio: 流派未確定 - Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke

clownstare.swf (1.31 MiB) 8apr2016
Visuals: Clownpiece - Artist: Honotai
Audio: Rin Ginsuke - Lunatic Set 09 ~ Faraway Journey of 380 000 Kilometers

yamamunch.swf (7.38 MiB) 5apr2016
Visuals: Shiki Eiki
Audio: Nujabes - Horizon

usagi beat.swf (908.9 KiB) 5apr2016
Visuals: Touhou
Audio: Bomfunk MC's - Stir Up The Bass

vesireittejä.swf (4.31 MiB) 5apr2016
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Ultra Bra - Vesireittejä

excited floop.swf (2.09 MiB) 4apr2016
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Slugabed - Sex

reimufall.swf (2.91 MiB) 4apr2016
Visuals: Internet
Audio: ZUN - Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White

lainy.swf (7.2 MiB) 20mar2016
Visuals: Serial Experiments Lain
Audio: Flamingosis - Momento

U and I.swf (3.65 MiB) 13mar2016
Visuals: K-On
Audio: EifiE - You And Me

fallen angel.swf (730.7 KiB) 24feb2016
Visuals: i dunno
Audio: panty and stocking ost - fallen angel

Sundown.swf (3.57 MiB) 10feb2016
Visuals: Background images from "Brutal: Paws of Fury"
Audio: Gods will be watching OST (made by Fingerspit) - Sunsetfetch

clubw.swf (5.23 MiB) 26jan2016
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Unknown - club dubya

RifeWithDevistation.swf (2.1 MiB) 20jan2016
Visuals: CaveStory image or shit
Audio: Friendship is Witchcraft - The Gypsy Bard

atorda.swf (799.4 KiB) 9jan2016
Visuals: gundam iron-blooded orphans
Audio: Empire of the Sun - We Are the People (Jimmy2sox Remix)

1/loser.swf (3.33 MiB) 9jan2016
Visuals: /a/
Audio: Titus Andronicus - No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future

yrgroovy.swf (7.63 MiB) 22dec2015
Visuals: yryr
Audio: Boss - I Don't Give A Fuck

w e e b i i i.swf (4.81 MiB) 2dec2015
Visuals: K-on
Audio: Animal Collective - FloriDada

1/when_the_moon_falls.swf (2.15 MiB) 24nov2015
Visuals: imgur
Audio: unnamed (for now) - when the moon falls

when_the_moon_falls.swf (1.55 MiB) 24nov2015
Visuals: found on imgur
Audio: Unnamed (for now) - when the moon falls

full_flow.swf (1.35 MiB) 20oct2015
Visuals: unknown artist
Audio: flow - unnamed

Suugoi.swf (7.24 MiB) 18oct2015
Visuals: monster musume
Audio: Oberhofer - I Could Go

suu could go.swf (11.74 MiB) 18oct2015
Visuals: monster musume
Audio: Oberhofer - I Could Go

Papyrus_Makes_A_Mixtape.swf (3.44 MiB) 17oct2015
Visuals: Sonicmega - Papyrus Makes A Mixtape
Audio: Sonicmega - Papyrus Makes a Mixtape

HotdogSand.swf (3.61 MiB) 11oct2015
Visuals: Big Funny
Audio: Ray Gelato - Mambo gelato

Its likely.swf (16.84 MiB) 29sep2015
Visuals: danny
Audio: Fleece - Aliens

pure.swf (6.15 MiB) 29sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: Blackbird Blackbird - Pure

1/Congratulations.swf (5.5 MiB) 27sep2015
Visuals: Hayao Miyazaki
Audio: MGMT - Congratulations

Congratulations.swf (9.53 MiB) 27sep2015
Visuals: Hayao Miyazaki
Audio: MGMT - Congratulations

fog.swf (3.94 MiB) 27sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: Nosaj Thing - Fog

creepershit.swf (4.8 MiB) 27sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: Groundislava - Creeper Shit

aristocat.swf (2.67 MiB) 26sep2015
Visuals: this took for fucking ever to sync
Audio: Cyriak - welcome to kitty city

noise.swf (3.3 MiB) 26sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)

1/specialized.swf (2.89 MiB) 26sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: the i.l.y's - Specialized

specialized.swf (2.89 MiB) 26sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: the i.l.y's - Specialized

omnipotence.swf (3.7 MiB) 25sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: CLAMS CASINO - I'm God

unbound.swf (3.48 MiB) 25sep2015
Visuals: faaux
Audio: Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1

92115.swf (3.47 MiB) 21sep2015
Visuals: Pixel Art
Audio: Michael Nyman - The Sacrifice

Interstellarbeach.swf (8.82 MiB) 14sep2015
Visuals: The internet
Audio: Supercatgirlapocalypse - Interstellar Beach

It's just a cigarette.swf (5.11 MiB) 27aug2015
Visuals: FLCL
Audio: Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet

Sandman.swf (7.61 MiB) 27aug2015
Visuals: Nichijou
Audio: Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Sandman

testloop.swf (1.22 MiB) 20aug2015
Visuals: swfchan
Audio: Holy Modal Rounders - Boobs A Lot

Ho-kago Crank.swf (3.38 MiB) 19aug2015
Visuals: K-On
Audio: Soulja Boy - Crank That (EifiE x Tennis Champ Remix)

ファックフェリックス.swf (2.82 MiB) 15aug2015
Visuals: ファックフェリックス
Audio: Does It Offend You, Yeah - Battle Royale

Redux.swf (788.4 KiB) 22jul2015
Visuals: Alice Margatroid
Audio: Clark - Alice (Redux)

Sundrenched.swf (4.07 MiB) 16jul2015
Visuals: K-On
Audio: EifiE - Nagasaki

andro.swf (4 MiB) 15jul2015
Visuals: fmtownsmarty misc
Audio: Oneohtrix Point Never - Andro

need.swf (2.65 MiB) 15jul2015
Visuals: fmtownsmarty misc
Audio: Oneohtrix Point Never - Need

Arita.swf (3.54 MiB) 15jul2015
Visuals: 1041uuu
Audio: EifiE - Arita

woodpecker.swf (4.55 MiB) 13jul2015
Visuals: Merzbow - Pulse Demon
Audio: merzbow_woodpecker

2/Rainy Season.swf (2.93 MiB) 11jul2015
Visuals: 1041uuu (from tumblr)
Audio: EifiE - ぽん (Pon Pon Pon)

Biyori March.swf (8.19 MiB) 7jul2015
Visuals: Non Non Biyori Repeat
Audio: Horst Wessel Lied

Dreams.swf (8.51 MiB) 6jul2015
Visuals: unknown
Audio: Electric Light Orchestra - Hold On Tight

loser.swf (546.5 KiB) 3jul2015
Visuals: feel.gif
Audio: Titus Andronicus - No Future Part Three Escape From No Future

Quiet Place.swf (4.92 MiB) 16jun2015
Visuals: 1041uuu
Audio: EifiE - Hiding Place

Kokoro Dream.swf (4.95 MiB) 12jun2015
Visuals: Bakemonogatari
Audio: EifiE - こころ

Night Time.swf (7.64 MiB) 11jun2015
Visuals: Street Fighter III : Yang's Stage
Audio: Re:plus - Nighttime

1/Rainy Season.swf (3.48 MiB) 10jun2015
Visuals: 1041uuu
Audio: EifiE - ぽん

Rainy Season.swf (4.01 MiB) 10jun2015
Visuals: 1041uuu
Audio: EifiE - ぽん

ascension.swf (3.46 MiB) 5jun2015
Visuals: Paul Robertson
Audio: Savant - The Beat

spidermanconfirmedforinfinitywar.swf (975.5 KiB) 30may2015
Visuals: youtube
Audio: King Kong & D. Jungle Girls - BOOM BOOM DOLLAR (K.O.G G3 MIX)

hidamari uptown.swf (4 MiB) 20may2015
Visuals: hidamari sketch
Audio: Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

Swat Kats - Gyro Insanity.swf (2.22 MiB) 19apr2015
Visuals: Swat Kats - Ep 25 Unlikely Alloys
Audio: Ty The Tasmanian Tiger - Beach Race

Swat Kats - Felina Hair Flick.swf (3.39 MiB) 19apr2015
Visuals: Swat Kats - Ep 16 When Strikes Mutilor
Audio: R&C CiT - Vela Sector - Pirate Radio 4

Nocturnal Troll.swf (2.13 MiB) 26mar2015
Visuals: Marceline
Audio: Kawaii Troll.swf

Puppy Girl.swf (751.9 KiB) 26mar2015
Visuals: Unknown
Audio: Pup

Some Fresh F.swf (3.91 MiB) 22mar2015
Visuals: Tumbler Meeme shit
Audio: Jakesnke17 feat. Source X - Conundrum ~Jolteon~ [Battle (VS Gym Leader)]

Bouncing.swf (5.78 MiB) 15mar2015
Visuals: [DollHouse]Image_ex
Audio: [DollHouse]Image_ex

Pamela's Jiggle.swf (75.8 KiB) 11mar2015
Visuals: Eight Marbles 2X (SpriteSet)
Audio: Jason Derulo - "Wiggle"

TERA Elin Action show-xf6zpXAK990.swf (4.02 MiB) 9mar2015
Visuals: TERA Elin Action show-xf6zpXAK990
Audio: 009 Sound System Trinity

LostPotential.swf (3.69 MiB) 28feb2015
Visuals: FLCL
Audio: KinokoTeikou

Boktai.swf (2.02 MiB) 16feb2015
Visuals: Original images from Boktai
Audio: Boktai OST - Departure

webdingsloop4.swf (3.77 MiB) 16feb2015
Audio: Megaman 2 - Theme

1/Underwater.swf (5.71 MiB) 15feb2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Boards of Canada - 5d

webdingsloop3.swf (361.4 KiB) 15feb2015
Visuals: Webdings Cliff Collab Entry
Audio: DJ Sharpnel - 20031023

SlowmoBasset.swf (7.72 MiB) 15feb2015
Visuals: imgur
Audio: Yume Nikki BGM - Teleport Maze.mp3

webdingsloop2.swf (1.81 MiB) 15feb2015
Visuals: Webdings Episode # 3 - Pivot Webdings
Audio: Perrra - The Sun (Original Mix)- - short

Underwater.swf (5.67 MiB) 15feb2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Boards Of Canada - 5d

webdingsloop1.swf (938.2 KiB) 15feb2015
Visuals: Webdings Episode # 1 - Soda Can
Audio: Air - Cherry Blossom Girl (A)

From Silence into Silence.swf (6.23 MiB) 27jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Hammock - From Silence into Silence (The Sleepover Series, Vol. 2) HQ

Saying His Prayers.swf (4.53 MiB) 22jan2015
Visuals: Serial Experiments Lain
Audio: Kyojaku - Saying His Prayers

The Lonely Now.swf (8.39 MiB) 17jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Hammock - The Lonely Now (The Sleepover Series Vol. 2) HQ

Approaching Storm.swf (5.89 MiB) 15jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Hammock - Mute Angels

zpsdb6e37e5.swf (399.9 KiB) 14jan2015
Visuals: C559CFDF-5159-4FEA-BBB5-FAB1B9F93443_zpsdb6e37e5.gif
Audio: DJ Sharpnel - 20031023

dogchasingstick.swf (610.3 KiB) 14jan2015
Visuals: 1386790251_frenchie_vs_stick.gif
Audio: Max Coveri - Running in the 90's

Ice Wastes.swf (4.79 MiB) 13jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: (Composer: Koji Kondo) Zelda Ocarina of Time Music - Ice Cave

Eventide.swf (5.21 MiB) 13jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Boards of Canada - Sundown

2/ThePathosOfThings.swf (6.32 MiB) 12jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Hammock - Mono No Aware

1/ThePathosOfThings.swf (6.41 MiB) 11jan2015
Visuals: Mark Ferrari (All Images from him)
Audio: Hammock - Mono No Aware

ThePathosOfThings.swf (7.56 MiB) 11jan2015
Visuals: Image(s) by Mark Ferrari (I do not know exact name of the image(set),google his name and you will find them)
Audio: Hammock - Mono No Aware

HelpMeNameThisAmbientFlash.swf (4.82 MiB) 11jan2015
Visuals: Image(s) by Mark Ferrari (I do not know exact name of the image(set),google his name and you will find them)
Audio: Boards Of Canada - Kid For Today

Genius tonight.swf (3.46 MiB) 7dec2014
Visuals: Overman King Gainer
Audio: C2C - GENIUS feat. Gush

distribution of rattling powers.swf (1.53 MiB) 20nov2014
Visuals: a fucking skeleton
Audio: ayy_lmao

fridaynightmf.swf (342.3 KiB) 14nov2014
Visuals: anonymous i guess
Audio: muscleman

Another_year_and_then_we'll_be_happy.swf (15.35 MiB) 14oct2014
Visuals: N/A

Iwakura drops it.swf (3.08 MiB) 12oct2014
Visuals: Serial Experiments Lain
Audio: ShibayanRecords - WAP-WA

ain't easy.swf (1.74 MiB) 20mar2014
Visuals: ferret.gif
Audio: MixerProductions - Cause I Had To (Darkside Visitor Remix)

Pokesex.swf (3.48 MiB) 4feb2014
Visuals: Porkyman, White, Hinoarashi, Simisage (guessing)
Audio: Vanilla Ice - Hot Sex

unhappy grumbling.swf (166.7 KiB) 14dec2013
Visuals: game
Audio: unhappy grumbling(1)

organraub.swf (697.9 KiB) 9dec2013
Visuals: Kurt Cobain
Audio: Hollywood Hank & Favorite - Organraub 2

Sidejumping_Link.swf (157.3 KiB) 24oct2013
Visuals: Zelda:Whatever (Jun 30, 2012)
Audio: Nowacking/SeiyruRenaih - Zelda:Whatever

triforce.swf (956.4 KiB) 1oct2013
Visuals: Brother Brain
Audio: Famitracker - Zelda Overworld (VRC6 Remix)

endless relentlessness.swf (1.24 MiB) 6aug2013
Visuals: Internet
Audio: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO - Endless Relentlessness

pimpwalk.swf (5.3 MiB) 2aug2013
Visuals: Men In Black
Audio: Alaskan Fishermen - Pimphand

blue valentines.swf (3.93 MiB) 28jul2013
Visuals: internet
Audio: Tom Waits - Blue Valentines

The Rematch.swf (2.72 MiB) 11jul2013
Visuals: The Hangover
Audio: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO - Punch Out! V3

IT'S COLD.swf (2.03 MiB) 20jun2013
Visuals: Fullmetal Alchemist
Audio: Alaskan Fishermen - Cold Up In Here

Rainy Ballades.swf (4.36 MiB) 18jun2013
Visuals: The Big O - Episode 8 "Missing Cat"
Audio: Sunrise - Brick Ballades

Brick Ballades.swf (2.58 MiB) 18jun2013
Visuals: The Big O - Episode 8 "Missing Cat"
Audio: Sunrise - Brick Ballades (Bonus Track)

march.swf (2.47 MiB) 11jun2013
Visuals: The Jungle Book
Audio: That Handsome Devil - March

blue valentine.swf (3.93 MiB) 6jun2013
Audio: Tom Waits - Blue Valentines

bidibodibidibu.swf (6.09 MiB) 4jun2013
Visuals: Anime - Redline
Audio: Bubbles - Bidibodi Bidibu

beepboops.swf (118.8 KiB) 12may2013
Visuals: Worm
Audio: beepboop

loves_me_not.swf (4.62 MiB) 18apr2013
Visuals: A cinemagraph gif
Audio: (Half-Life 2) Kelly Bailey - Triage At Dawn

chinkycheek.swf (1.45 MiB) 18apr2013
Visuals: The Hajirai Machine Girl (2009)
Audio: Bloodhound Gang - Yellow Fever

spacecourse.swf (1.17 MiB) 18apr2013
Visuals: Gif by Paul Robertson.
Audio: DJ Skitz - Hysteria Ingame (SLAY Rated Edit)

hoodstory.swf (2.84 MiB) 18apr2013
Visuals: Random gif
Audio: Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil

frolic.swf (4.3 MiB) 17apr2013
Visuals: BioShock Infinite (2013)
Audio: Caravan Palace - Dragons

stare.swf (2.09 MiB) 17apr2013
Visuals: "Afghan Girl", shot December 1984 (Sharbat Gula, a 12 years old refugee in Pakistan)
Audio: Yanni - Vertigo

airchase.swf (1.69 MiB) 17apr2013
Visuals: Battlefield 3 (2011)
Audio: Raised Fist - Out

two_wheels.swf (1.37 MiB) 17apr2013
Visuals: The Master (2012)
Audio: 4mat - Vertical

inwards.swf (3.07 MiB) 13dec2012
Visuals: From the music video of "The Music Scene" by Blockhead.
Audio: Uppermost - Satellite

paintppl.swf (4.11 MiB) 13dec2012
Visuals: Vincent van Gogh
Audio: Uppermost - The People (Original Mix)

TMTYL.swf (2.04 MiB) 6dec2012
Visuals: Random Gif
Audio: Hanzel und Gretyl - Take Me to Your Leader

deutschland.swf (8.99 MiB) 5dec2012
Visuals: Danger 5 (S01E06)
Audio: Hanzel und Gretyl - I'm Movin' to Deutschland

angels.swf (2.75 MiB) 25nov2012
Visuals: Hyouka (episode 6)
Audio: Madeon - Finale

rollby.swf (3.1 MiB) 6nov2012
Visuals: Dunno exactly
Audio: Scissor Sisters - Somewhere

within the city walls.swf (9.12 MiB) 12oct2012
Visuals: Anno 1404
Audio: Pretty Lights - Something's Wrong

mouthfingers.swf (2.77 MiB) 23sep2012
Visuals: Random gif image
Audio: Kavinsky - Nightcall

liferun.swf (2.86 MiB) 23sep2012
Visuals: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983)
Audio: Timo Räisänen - Endeavor

forestglade.swf (8.73 MiB) 27jul2012
Visuals: Labyrinth (1986)
Audio: FantomenK - The Massacre

floating_cats.swf (739.1 KiB) 8jul2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Gypsy Kings - Volare

timebomb.swf (1.83 MiB) 5jul2012
Visuals: Unknown
Audio: Kylie Minogue - Timebomb

decide.swf (1.25 MiB) 25jun2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide

the1bird.swf (1.7 MiB) 13jun2012
Visuals: The Web
Audio: (GTA3) Slyder - Neo (The One)

gatorman.swf (1.72 MiB) 31may2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Vinter in Hollywood - R U Robot

ohgodwhat.swf (1.4 MiB) 8may2012
Visuals: Random gif
Audio: DJ White Magic - Var Ligger Landet Där Man Böjer Bananerna

diggoo.swf (97.4 KiB) 30apr2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Diggoo

AirGuitar.swf (1.18 MiB) 26apr2012
Visuals: Katawa Shoujo
Audio: NicolArmarfi - Air Guitar

clownbubble.swf (2.15 MiB) 23apr2012
Visuals: The Internet
Audio: Savant - Fuck Nexus (Original Mix)

window_cleaning.swf (2.04 MiB) 23apr2012
Visuals: Katie Downes in "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" (2005)
Audio: Savant - Shadow (Original Mix)

port666.swf (2.47 MiB) 22apr2012
Visuals: Not sure but probably GZDoom (or Skulltag) + the Brütal Doom mod on map E1M3 (with increased enemies)
Audio: Doom - At Doom's Gate (aka E1M1 Hangar)

InsideOfHydreigongal.swf (2.75 MiB) 21apr2012
Visuals: Paul Robertson
Audio: 煉獄小僧 - Inside of Me

Visuals: "Hokuto no Ken (1984)"
Audio: Nozomi Aoki - Sentoo

handjob.swf (2.4 MiB) 20apr2012
Visuals: Sesame Street (the Muppet's name is Grover)
Audio: Skrillex & The Doors - Breakn' A Sweat

dogaround.swf (646.8 KiB) 18apr2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

golfball.swf (1.22 MiB) 16apr2012
Visuals: Random gif image
Audio: Blockhead - Good Block Bad Block

red_thoughts.swf (3.07 MiB) 15apr2012
Visuals: Samurai Champloo
Audio: Miss Kittin - Mightmaker

sit_harder.swf (520.7 KiB) 13apr2012
Visuals: Nichijou - Episode 23
Audio: Feed me - Silicone Lube

Mass Eff ect 3 - A Shortene d End Once and For  All.swf (1.12 MiB) 12apr2012
Visuals: Mass Effect 2 - In-game screenshot
Audio: Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack - An End Once and For All

reliefspin.swf (681.3 KiB) 10apr2012
Visuals: Japan, where else?
Audio: Buckethead - Inward Journey

hussie_beddance.swf (147.5 KiB) 10apr2012
Visuals: homestuck (mspaintadventures)
Audio: zorg - random_song_378

vroom.swf (1.83 MiB) 5apr2012
Visuals: Random security footage
Audio: The Refreshments - 55 Ford

luis.swf (580.5 KiB) 4apr2012
Visuals: A friend of mine
Audio: Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider

dildostruck.swf (1.37 MiB) 3apr2012
Visuals: Jackass 3D (2010)
Audio: In Strict Confidence - Something To Remember

bloodbreathe.swf (677.1 KiB) 3apr2012
Visuals: Game of Thrones S01E06
Audio: Slayer - Bloodline

shymaid.swf (957.5 KiB) 2apr2012
Visuals: The Little Mermaid (1989)
Audio: Omni Trio - Earth Song

arniebump.swf (0.99 MiB) 2apr2012
Visuals: Some old movie with Schwarzenegger...
Audio: Kottonmouth Kings - Bump

catexplorer.swf (1.07 MiB) 1apr2012
Visuals: sheepfilms
Audio: Bo Hansson - Elidor

babytime.swf (355 KiB) 31mar2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: (Lords Of Acid) Luc Raid Van Acker - Crablouse (Super Scratcher With A Golden Shower Rainbow Mx)

pencils.swf (701.1 KiB) 31mar2012
Visuals: Gif image
Audio: (C&C TS) Frank Klepacki - What Lurks

water_and_flame.swf (558.9 KiB) 30mar2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Ken - Eld och Djupa Vatten

FireWithFire.swf (1.92 MiB) 30mar2012
Visuals: Gif image
Audio: Frank Klepacki - He Lives

yeehaw.swf (973.9 KiB) 30mar2012
Visuals: Random gif
Audio: Big & Rich - Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

tingling_saltation.swf (4.03 MiB) 29mar2012
Visuals: Dollhouse (ドールハウス) - image_ex
Audio: Bloodhound Gang - Screwing You on the Beach at Night

colorwhirl.swf (1.79 MiB) 28mar2012
Visuals: klidascope.gif
Audio: Perrra - Hand In Hand (Original House Mix)

headgrow.swf (0.99 MiB) 28mar2012
Visuals: Gif made by Cyriak (probably)
Audio: Skinny Puppy - Death

drool.swf (289.5 KiB) 28mar2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Deadmau5 (ft. Rob Swire) - Ghosts n Stuff

get_it_while_its_easy.swf (2.73 MiB) 28mar2012
Visuals: Random Gifs
Audio: Aerosmith - Rag Doll

keep_undressing.swf (1.42 MiB) 27mar2012
Visuals: No idea, random gif
Audio: Aerosmith - Beyond Beautiful

soothing_landscape.swf (1.07 MiB) 26mar2012
Visuals: Internet
Audio: Buckethead - Soothsayer

catbox.swf (1.32 MiB) 26mar2012
Visuals: Random gif
Audio: zalza - fly bird 'funktro'

omen_dance.swf (1.08 MiB) 25mar2012
Visuals: The Internet
Audio: The Prodigy - Omen

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